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"Chng Beng Hua
Chief Executive Officer | Compact Metal Industries 

Independent Director | Hong Leong Finance Limted

Alvin as my property advisor for many years has shown great passion and responsibility in his job. He has demonstrated his analytical abilities in analyzing the economic trends and properties market. He advised me on the correct time to sell/buy properties and at which price. His abilities to analyse and anticipate challenges has exceeded beyond my expectation.

Alvin has definitely demonstrated his ability and capability in handling various areas of his work. He is dedicated and is able to deal with all tasks efficiently and effectively.

It is a rare opportunity to work with someone who is both knowledgeable in their craft and a professional in the way they conduct their business. Alvin is definitely a talented player and with vast potential to take his dedication and skill to the next higher level.

The things that impress me the most about him are that he is always constantly looking for new challenges, skill building and developing a resourceful network of clients and friends who respect him for his work ethics and ambition to succeed.


"Tang Kin Fei

Group President & CEO Sembcorp Industries Ltd



Alvin has a great passion in the real estate industry and has proven himself. He has demonstrated an indefatigable self in this industry. Alvin has possessed the required skill, knowledge and qualification; his competencies have put him to a higher height in this industry.

In terms of his work, Alvin has showed a high professionalism at all times. He kept an open mind and was willing to push his boundaries to explore and try new things. I really appreciate his service to me. Overall, Alvin is a great asset.


"Dr. Lee Seng Tee
Deputy Chairman | Lee Foundation




Alvin has since been managing my properties and keeps me updated with regard to my properties. The service and attention we have received from Alvin was exceptional and unexpected. Alvin is a trustworthy and hardworking man whom I am very impressed with.

I can see that Real Estate is Alvin’s greatest passion. He never fails to equip himself with the latest property news. It is indeed rare to find a real estate professional like him who is trustworthy and showed high professionalism during his work.

With his high professionalism, excellent interpersonal skills and knowledge of the local market, he has developed himself strong key contacts in the community. I strongly believe that Alvin will continue to demonstrated his utmost caliber.


"Albert Moh Swee Yong
Chief Executive Officer | Freshening Industries Pte Ltd






It is a pleasure to work with Alvin. Alvin’s people skill and negotiations skills are truly commendable. He always advised me on the right price and right time for my properties transactions.

His comfortable nature and excitement about his work made it easy for us to work together, in terms of our real estate transactions. I can see that Alvin has a lot of passion in this real estate industry.


"Jonathan Phoon Siew Boon
Managing Director | A.S. Phoon Pte Ltd


Alvin’s professionalism, knowledge of the area, and enthusiasm of service for our property proved to be different. The service and professionalism that he provided us was indeed exceptional and must be acknowledged.

 He is a very responsible young man. He is very dedicated and committed to his work. When it comes to work, he puts in 100% of his effort and hard work to achieve good results. Alvin has also consistently demonstrated his willingness to learn. He is always willing to go one step further for his clients.

I can see he has a lot of passion in this real estate industry especially how he serves his customers. When it comes to properties, I can see that his eyes are glowing with enthusiasm. Alvin has been seen as a promising young man with a bright future ahead of him.


"Dr Lee Oi Kum
Executive Chairman | BarterXchange


We have known Alvin for quite sometime. He always equipped himself with the latest properties news and pricing and his knowledge of the local market and key contacts in the community has helped many customers in search for their properties.

His patience and effort in helping customers to look for a property was commendable. He, patiently go through the listings and explained the details with his customers, making sure that they got the best offer for their home and are satisfied with the service provided.

Alvin has distinguished himself through his customer service; he did a follow-up with all his customers on how their properties are coming up. The service and personal attention Alvin has delivered to his customers was exceptional and unexpected.

"Chng Beng Siong
Managing Director | Orchard Grand Court Hotel Pte Ltd 
Independent Director | Hotel Grand Central Limited



I am really impressed with Alvin’s knowledge in the local property market and professionalism. We are very impressed with his extensive knowledge and confidence but yet unassuming demeanor.

Alvin quickly understood what we’re looking for and worked to help us find a property that met our needs. He devoted all his attention to our search that we needed and provided excellent assistance through the closing process. He has protected our interests even during some unpredictable events that took place.

The level of service we received from Alvin was above and beyond satisfaction. He always diligently returned my calls and be available around my schedule.

Alvin is a real estate professional who never fails to take an extra mile to provide his service to us.


"Clinton Ang
Managing Director | Hock Tong Bee Pte Ltd

The service and personal attention we received from AF Holdings Pte Ltd was outstanding. We truly appreciate all the enthusiasm, professionalism and sheer hard work put in to helping us in our real estate transactions.

Their capability in clinching most of the deals was unquestionable. Their team always strives to make the experience exceptional in each and every one of their transactions.

The staff’s at AF Holdings are truly dedicated and have been the most customer focused group. I would not hesitate in recommending AF Holdings to others they are fully committed to helping their clients.

"Dato Yap Sing Hock
Managing Director | 
Lien Hoe Corporation Berhad




Alvin has always been my Real Estate Advisor and has since been managing my properties. Alvin is seen as a promising man with a great passion for real estate and is responsible for his work.

Alvin possessed the right knowledge, qualification and skills as a Real Estate Advisor and has demonstrated good analytical abilities in analyzing the economic trends and properties market. Alvin’s excellent interpersonal skills have allowed us to foster good working relationship and maintain positive communication. He has also proven his capability in handling various kind problems and tasks in his area of work.

Alvin is one of the high caliber real estate prfoessional I have ever met. Alvin’s patience and perseverance together with knowledge and expertise is greatly appreciated. Alvin has been managing my properties for quite some time and the service and attention he has delivered was commendable.


"Tan Sri Datuk Ling Chiong Ho
Chairman | Sarawak Oil Palms Behard

Chairman | Shin Yang Group Of Companies




Alvin is always ready to provide his service to us; he always presented himself in a professional clam manner and in consideration of our needs. I became comfortable with not only his personality, but with his professionalism and real estate experience. He is able to articulate well on information too. Alvin’s thoughtfulness and well-researched advice gave an excellent understanding of the current real estate market.

We find that Alvin has very good negotiation skills and he always tried his best to provide us with excellent advice to get the best deal on properties. He is a dedicated hardworking young man which gives us 100% confidence in him.

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